What our Players say

"FEER is an experience that is as immersive and addicting as anything I have ever played on my phone, and I've played them all."

- Blind Adrenaline on AppleVis

Ist das beste Spiel was ich gespielt habe bisher.

- Manu-1978 on App Store

"Wow! Just WOW! I love the idea that not only do you have to run from the baddies, you can collect the good, that really sold me on this game, and it's not dreary stuff, practical though it may be, it's fairies! That really added the touch of lightness that made me want to play. I'm loving the sounds, both dark and light, in fact I'm just loving everything."

- Lulu on AppleVis

"A little, amazing IOS game called FEER: Running Blind! Check it out ... It's awesome!"

- Brandon on Twitter

"Thank you so much"

- Tarja on AppleVis

"This game ROCKS! It is a lot of excitement. I have a tendensy to start screaming out loud when I am about to die. I am going to have my staff try this later. I love the missions. They are so cool. I love that it goes faster and faster. The sounds are awesome. It is not as easy as it sounds. Especially on the fast parts where I need to manage my reflexes because otherwise I will D I E."

- Sabrina on AppleVis

"Hey! Firstly I want to congratulate all of the team for this amazing game. [...] I can safely say this already is the game I’m spending the most time playing compared to all accessible games on iOS in a single day. I spent 5 to 6 hours playing, am currently on mission 39, it’s getting so much harder and interesting."

- Matheus via email

Man möchte einfach immer wieder weiter kommen, „endlos„ trifft es hier wirklich gut. Und das es zugänglich für Alle ist, macht die ganze App noch runder.

- Tyrosstan on App Store

"More Games Please! This environment has been well thought out and executed. Would love to see more games from the developer."

- Roxann on AppleVis

"Lovely game! This game is awesome."

- techluver on AppleVis

"Thanks for the nice game, it is very great time kiler with great sound design and game play."

- mojsior on audiogames.net

"hello! i can't believe I actually got that far, I was sure someone would beat me. your game is lots of fun, and do keep up the good work!"

- musicfairy15 on Twitter

"I just want to say I am loving the game so far."

- Liam via mail

"Es hat mir Riesenspaß gemacht, FEER zu spielen!"

- Jana via email

"Hi, I just bought the game, and it is great! So, the concepts are easy to learn, but don't let the earlier posts fool you. The game is not as easy as it may sound. You will die a lot in the game. I just wanted to thank the developer for making this game accessible"

- kody on audiogames.net

"The cool thing is, each play through is short, so if you have ten minutes available you can probably play the game a few times and can hear the zombies shewing your crispy brain with some truly scary sounds that will require 100% of your attention at all times."

- drg on audiogames.net

"Great game! Absolutely love this game."

- sockhopsinger on AppleVis

"I've bought the game and it's fantastic. [...] I and my friends are so much liking the game and we're spreading it around. Thanks so much for coming up with such an awesome game."

- Muhammad on audiogames.net

"Dear developers! Your game is fantastic"

- Zsolt via email

"I heard the preview of this game through another thread on the forum and was very much impressed. I wasn't a beta tester but I have been looking forward to this game for weeks."

- David on AppleVis

"I like this game"

- Margus via email

"I LOVE it! This has become one of my favourite games though I scare the crap out of my staff when I am about to die and start screaming. I love the fact that there is both dark and light. I have played this a lot even as a beta and love the feature that was not yet in the beta."

- Sabrina on AppleVis

"So far I'm really enjoying this game! I can't seem to put it down."

- Earle via email

"Brilliant game! I started playing this on my way home from work this afternoon. Very addictive. I'm up to mission 3. I can honestly say other games have taken a back seat. Thank you so much for creating this game"

- David on AppleVis

" Just got the game a few hours ago and i'm really enjoying it"

- zseli on audiogames.net

"Just trying the game out myself [...] its a lot of fun, I particularly like the sounds and the way that things pan around you [...] it gives you a wonderful sense of place."

- Dark on audiogames.net

"First of all, great job ! This game is a perfect time waster, with a funny sound design and some good replayability. "

- Arkandias on audiogames.net