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Endless Runner

Tune your ears to the Zombies or you will die. Save the fairies and they will give you light. But don't ever stop.

The first audio endless runner game with visuals. Only the ones with the best ears survive in this dark and foggy world and can save the fairies.



FEER in the press

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FM4 selected FEER for the Game City Indie Area 2018

- FM4 Interview mit den Developern

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Was dieses Spiel aber sehr witzig macht, zumindest für sehende Spielerinnen und Spieler, ist, dass der Bildschirm immer dunkler wird, bis er irgendwann ganz schwarz ist. (Markus Ladstätter)

- Michael Feir at Kelly and Company, Episode 451,

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"Das Besondere dabei ist, dass man bei dem Spiel kaum etwas sieht. Im dichten Nebel des Waldes muss man auf die Geräusche hören und dann in die richtige Richtung wischen, um Zombies und Raben auszuweichen."


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"Das erste Endless Runner Spiel für Blinde und Sehende bei gleichen Chancen kommt aus #Wien."

- Wien Wissen

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"Oostenrijkse mobile game voor slecht ziende @RtheFee vanaf nu in de AppStore en Google Play. Doel is door luisteren de vijanden te ontwijken, innovatief concept om gehandicapten een nieuwe gaming-ervaring te bieden"

- Advantage Austria

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"FEER is a new game for the blind out for IOS, and I want to warn you all, the title is apt. Not because the game itself is particularly scary, but because the unstoppable addiction that will grip you once you begin playing is very, very scary indeed."


Gameplay Trailer

Want to see the zombies in action ? Curious, how FEERtheGame looks like ? Watch our newest gameplay trailer ! (please use headphones)

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What the players say

"FEER is an experience that is as immersive and addicting as anything I have ever played on my phone, and I've played them all."

- Blind Adrenaline on AppleVis

"hello! i can't believe I actually got that far, I was sure someone would beat me. your game is lots of fun, and do keep up the good work!"

- musicfairy15 on Twitter

"I heard the preview of this game through another thread on the forum and was very much impressed. I wasn't a beta tester but I have been looking forward to this game for weeks."

- David on AppleVis

"The cool thing is, each play through is short, so if you have ten minutes available you can probably play the game a few times and can hear the zombies shewing your crispy brain with some truly scary sounds that will require 100% of your attention at all times."

- drg on