Powerup sounds and what they are good for

There are four different powerups, that can be found while running through the forest. Just run through them, to collect them and activate their special abilities.  

That's how a powerup sounds, that can be found on the road:


If you collect a powerup, it gets activated. All powerups have a unique sound and last for a certain time. Listen carefully to this sound, because if it stops, the powerup is no longer active and you are returning to the normal game mode. You can increase the time of the powerups by upgrading them through the game menu.


This powerup boosts you forward. During boosting you are invincible, so you get a little break from avoiding all those enemies. 

Boost Sound:



The Shield protects you from your enemies. If you run into an enemy while the shield is active, you won't be killed, but the shield is destroyed and you are immediately returning to normal game mode.

Shield Sound:


Light Doubler

While the Light Doubler is active, all lights that you collect count twice. 

Light Doubler Sound:



If you collect the shuriken you can shoot the Zombies by tapping with one finger on the screen. The weapon only destroys Zombies - no Ravens and no Hands!

Weapon Sound:


Last update on 2018-09-30 by Iris.

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