What are missions and quests?

After you've played you first game, you unlock the first mission. Each mission consists of three quests, that you need to complete in order to finish the mission and progress to next level.

There are different kind of quests: one time you need to jump a certain time, another time you need to survive a certain amount of zombies, etc. The higher your level, the more difficult are the missions. But don't worry, if you are stuck at a certain quest, you can also skip it.

Basically there are two types of quests: those, that you need to complete in one single run, and those, that can be completed in multiple runs:

"Single Run" Quests

These quests need to be completed in one single run. For example, if you need to collect 50 Lights, but you only collected 30, then you have to start over from 0 at the next run. 

"In Total" Quests

In these quests, your progress is saved during multiple runs. So if you have to collect 50 Lights, and you collected 30 in one run, then there are now only 20 lights remaining for the next run(s).


If you don't understand a certain quest, please feel free to contact us.


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