Feer the game

Run your way through the Zombies. Slide underneath the Ravens or they pick your eyes. Jump over the Zombies, awoken in their graves, trying to grasp your feet.

But don’t miss the Fairies or we all run blind.

Extremely challenging

Dense fog makes it hard to see your enemies. Even worse, if you miss the fairies, you have to run in the dark. But listen carefully and you will make your way through the zombies.

Only the ones with the best ears survive in this dark and foggy world and can save the fairies’ light.

Screenshot FEER the Game

Fully accessible for the blind and visually impaired

Designed from the scratch to be fully accessible with VoiceOver.

FEER is the first endless runner for visual impaired and sighted gamers at equal rights. All screens are fully accessible with the screenreader. Use the quick navigation to quickly jump between the headings.

Missions and Quests in FEER the Game

Countless Missions & Quests

Complete missions and quests, to reach the next level and increase your score multiplier. But be aware, the higher you get, the harder the missions.

How far can you get?



Use the Weapon to shoot the Zombies into pieces. Take the Boost to travel fast forward in high speed. Collect twice the lights with the Light Doubler or use the Shield to protect you from your enemies.

Powerups in FEER the Game

No Ads, no Banners

But a full endless game, that will keep you busy for days, weeks or months.

Leaderboard in FEER the Game

Compete with your friends and other players

Try to get the highest rank in the global leaderboard and compete with the friends, you invite, in your friends board.


Available for iOS and Android

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