The Story behind Feer

The first draft to this game goes back in time. In January 2018 in an Italian café we came up with the idea, that visual impaired people, should have a game, that allows them to compete with the sighted on an equal level.

Most games are not accessible for the blind and the others, designed for the blind, are not accessible for the sighted.

With the hours of talking we lined up a game draft, that has both, visual elements for the sighted and acoustic elements for the non-sighted.

Back in Vienna, where we both are located, we set up the basic elements of our project. Zombies, lonely woods, spooky and immersive sounds and an endless challenge. The following months we spent drawing, coding and a lot of discussions.

After the first characters were drawn and animated and the core features of the game were implemented, we just had a lot of fun, playing round in our little zombie world.

But the workload seems to endless. Game menu, alpha- and beta testing, bug-fixing, PressKit, Social Media accounts, Questions and answers, new features.

So FEER is, what it is, an endless run in front of and behind the curtain.

Game Production Screenshot of FEER the Game

The Team behind Feer



Studied computer sciences and philosophy. After her historical thesis about image recognition and computerized emotional detection, she moved directly into the field of coding. She worked for several years in different companies and organizations, coding from webpages, webshops and standalone educational apps.

With the idea of FEER and the new collaboration the step was taken to enter the field of game design.

Studied Visual Communications and started his career with production design, till he was confronted with the challenge of designing exhibition in the dark, which became later famous and spread worldwide as „Dialogue in the dark“. Together with Andreas Heinecke he developed and realized many of the early exhibitions. Later returned back to visual design for museums, science exhibitions, theater, film, but never missed the experience of this other world where other things mattered.

With FEER the game a lot of experience from the past goes into the new digital world.